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New Zealand Nubians (NZN) AGM 1990  Subscriptions set at $15.00 a double amd $12.00 a single.  Rose Madsen was nominated President and Pat Howitt as Secretary.  The club also had a stand at the National Field-day. Annual Awards weregiven out to HR Sire of the Year - Pan Capra Phoenix - 101 pts. 

 HR Doe of the Year - Thornmere Midnight - 54 pts.  .


NZN AGM 1991.  Patron -  May Deane,   President - Pat Howwitt and Secretary - Maria Thomas.  The Nubian Voice was now sent out to members. 

 Annual Awards names HR Top Lactation Doe - Thornmere Midnight 505 lts.

AR Top Lactation Doe - Windsong Ballerina 998 lts.



NZN AGM 1994  President elected Miranda Culliford, Committee, Bev Gailey, Heather Macferson, Christine Tooke and Rob Farley.  Re-introduction of club badge. 

Notable Annual Awards AR Doe Kid Ricardii Witchelina,

HR Top Lactation Doe Onalea Kotton 875 lts.

NZN 1999 AGM   was held away from NZDGBA conference, being hosted by Colin Thrup in Walton.  Present were Una Hume, Wendy and Tony Hollart, Jo-ell Delamere, Bev Gailey, Diane Craw, Colin Thrupp. Jo-Ann Muller, Greg Bush, Rob Blincoe, Lorraine Coard and Jane Murphy.  Subscription were set at $25 double and $20 single. 

Notable Annual Awards were Sire of the Year - Aramaic Akkadian.

HR Top Lactatioon Doe - Aramaic Fei 

AR Top Lactation Doe - Ricardii Peridot.  All these were bred and   owned by Diane Craw.


NZN AGM 2000 was held at Walton.  Present Una Hume, Wendy and Tony Hollart, Bev Gailey, Diane Craw, Colin Thrupp. Jo-Ann Muller, Greg Bush, Bob Hutton and Rowena Black.  Objectives were talked about namely quality of judges, breeding for milk, goats to milk over 1000 litres and Appendix A Buck registration.  Breed show was held separate from other NZDGBA - Woodland Yanni  HR Doe of the Year - Oracle Zipporah and AR Doe of the Year - Ricardii Ficelle.