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Congratulations for finding us and welcome to our new site. 

Started Thursday 24 May 2012.


About us as a Breed Club.


We are affiliated to New Zealand Dairy Goat Breeders' Association Inc.  (called NZDGBA)   This has been the case since New Zealand Nubians (the name previous to having Anglo attached this century, was NZN for short).   Timeline is as follows:-

NZDGBA Conference - Kaitaia May 1983.  A group of interested breeders met for an hour before tea on Saturday evening to discuss Anglo-Nubians and Nubians in New Zealand.

Present we:  Wynne Ingham, Bev. Handly, Lindsay and Collette Innes. Rose Madsen, Heather Ineson, Bev and Ian McIntyre, John and Gayleen Shaw, Howard Harris, Herb and Paukline Blackmore, Margaret and Bruce McKerras.  At this gathering there was a general discussion on where Nubines could be found, what importation has occurred, the poor survival rate and what was the current gen pool available.  At this stage there was a New Zealand Nubin Information Centre which was being run by Margaret McKessas.  The centre sonsisted of copies of pedigrees and the start of a Sire survey.  There was no mention of forming a breed club.


NZDGBA Conference - New Plymouth May 1984.  Once again interested breeders met for a discussion this time in regard to starting an Affiliated Club.

Present were:- John and Gayleen Shaw, Bev and Ian McIntyre, Mary Doole, Wynne Ingham, Barry Williams, Dave Goulden, Margaret and Bruce McKerras, Terry and Linda Sullivan, Rose Madsen and Helen Chevalier.  A steering committee was formed which consisted of:- Dave Goulden, John Shaw and Margaret McKerras.  At this point the name of the club was formed - New Zealand Nubians. Membership was set at $5.00 per family. The vreed standard was set and sent out to all breeders for comment.  After this it was sent to the NZDGBA.


Over the next four years Dave Goulden was one of the driving forces behind the club, formulating proceedures, introducing badges, club ribbons and awards.  Establishing Breed Shows in both islands.


 NZDGBA Conference - Lincoln College May 13, 1988.  The Nubian Club AGB was held within the NZDGBA conference.  Discussion of the day was whether the Nubian Club would join the other breed clubs in the North Island to participate in an Allbreeds Show.

  Continued in Introduction and History........................